Our Story

What inspired you to get temporary tattoos?

Since a child, many of us always wanted a meaningful tattoo on our skin. However, many of us wouldn't dare to get a permanent tattoo for many reasons. So one day, I thought, what if I can have a tattoo I would but only temporarily? 

How did you discover this idea?

When we first made and tried these tattoos, it was like I have discovered gold. My whole appearance changed and my self-esteem boosted past the clouds on Heaven. I, Juan, was filled with tremendous joy, especially because I am someone who doe not want a permanent tattoo. From that moment, I showed all my friends and family, and not one of them guessed it was temporary until I told them. I scared my mom into thinking I got a real tattoo and a funny reaction from it. Overall, these tattoos have allowed me to wear any tattoo I want whenever and whatever

Why did we create this company?

That's why I created this company. We want to help everyone get a tattoo that is not forever. We understand that many people today do not get permanent tattoos for many reasons such as, but not limited to, age, religion, family, permanence, culture, personality, etc.. Our tattoos are created with the latest technology there is to maximize its great detail. These temporary tattoos are meant to mimic real tattoos but only last 1-2 weeks. For me personally, I change tattoos every week and I love it! 

Want to know how a tattoo looks like before getting one? Email bostontemporarytattoos@gmail.com to get your own personal design done by us. 

We are here to help you with getting your dream tattoo!