Rihanna Temporary Tattoos

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DESCRIPTION : These are life-size tattoos just like the singer, Rihanna, has! This pack is perfect for parties or for completing your Halloween costume! The set includes various Designs found on Rihanna. As an added bonus this pack also includes a Temporary Tattoo Placement guide so you can know exactly where to put the them to look like Rihanna!

Temporary Tattoos included in this pack:

-Rihanna's Star Tattoos
-Rihanna's Shark Tattoo
-Rihanna's Libra Tattoo
-Rihanna's shhh Tattoo
-Love Tattoo
-Rihanna's Mirror Motto Tattoo
-Rihannas's Egyptian Tattoos
-Roman Numeral Tattoo
-Gun Tattoo
-1988 Tattoo
-Cross Tattoo
-Rebelle Fluer Tattoo
-Rihanna's Tribal Tattoo
-Henna Tattoo